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March 20, 2023, 11:20 a.m.

Study In UK

UK Study Abroad Intro

England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland together form what is known today as the United Kingdom. The country UK is known for its sovereignty and over lordship on countries across the globe. However, UK was also the reason for industrialization. Most of the industries had their birth in UK.

The country is rich in many ways. It has multiple industries under its wings. UK is also rich with agricultural lands. The country's education system is well managed and is quite up to date to the contemporary requirements of the world. UK's universities are famous for the kind of opportunities they bring to the students.

With every passing year, the number of students visiting UK for increasing their knowledge is growing. Some of the famous international personalities who were invited to UK to study and contribute as fellowmen include, Sri Srinivasa Ramanujam, Sir CV Raman, Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose among others. Cambridge and Oxford universities in UK, are considered one among those top universities studying where, is an honor.

Top 5 Study Programs in UK

  • Computer Science
  • International Relations
  • Psychology
  • Business Administration
  • Journalism

Cost of Education

The tuition fees varies from Pound 10,000 to Pound 50,000/- depending on the course choice.

Duration of course

  • Undergraduate Program – 3 to 4years
  • Post Graduate Program- 2 years
  • Masters in Research – a minimum of 2 years.

Study Benefits

  • Studying in UK opens doors to many opportunities
  • Quality education
  • Exposure to the unique culture of UK
  • Obtain the right financial support required in form of scholarships and relevant aids.
  • Chance to research on the concerned subject matter with supportive infrastructure
  • Strong support system from local authorities for the international students

Education in UK

  • There are modern and ancient universities in the UK. UK universities dwell in practical learning.
  • Students gets to research a lot, do seminars, presentations etc.
  • They need to present a paper of their research which can be used for further thesis and research activities.

Popular Universities in UK

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College London
  • UCL, London
  • London school of Economics and Political Science

Admission Process

  • Most universities accept applications through the UCAS (Universities and colleges Admissions Services).
  • Submit your application to the UCAS along with all the supporting documents as per the guidelines of UCAS.
  • Take the required tests and make the payment
  • Usually Universities in UK, take students in during the months of September

Required Tests

TOFEL or IELTS to prove proficiency in English language

Any relevant tests in relation to the choice of study (Not all universities ask for this)

Accommodation Facilities

On Campus facilities and off campus facilities are both available for the students to choose based on their finances. The help desk with in the campus of most universities will have enough information of the apartments and houses who let out for students. There are outside dorms too, which accommodates students.

Work Prospects

Most universities allow their students to work and earn to fund their education programs when in UK. Such students can work for a maximum of 20 hours during the ongoing classes and during vacation time, they can work for fulltime.

After completion of education, if they obtain their graduate employment, they can stay in UK on the same visa for 4 more months. However, they will have to convert the existing Visa to a Work Permit at the earliest possible./p>

Residency Permit

Once the student obtains his/her work visa, they can then decide on what Residency permit best suits their requirement and accordingly move their application in the direction to obtain their Residency Permit. Usually students who studied there have a upper hand in securing a residency permit earlier.


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